Injection-Molded Pharmaceutical Medical Devices

HTI Plastics is an FDA registered, ISO 13485:2003, and ISO 9001:2008 certified contract manufacturer specializing in injection molded Class I and Class II pharmaceutical medical devices. From product design/prototyping to clean room packaging, HTI is your complete resource for contract manufacturing of high-quality pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

Disposable Vaginal Applicators

HTI applicator design choices


HTI Plastics vaginal applicators are available in a patient fill or our patented Pre-filled design. We offer:

  • Applicators with printed gram dose measurements
  • With or without predetermined stops

Our stock applicators feature the following popular dose sizes for creams and gels. Color Options: Natural, White, or Custom

  • 5.1 cc
  • 5.5 cc

Tablet size:

  • :: .406
  • :: .427

Suppository applicator sizes (option colors: natural or white):

  • :: .35"
  • :: .45"
  • :: .66"

Other non-standard sizes can be custom produced to meet your specifications.