Injection-Molded Gun/Crossbow Stocks and Synthetic Recreational Products

HTI Plastics is a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) and ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer specializing in injection-molded sporting goods. HTI Plastics engineers and manufacturers a wide array of custom components for the indoor and outdoor recreational markets, including hunting and fishing, golf and volleyball, and much more. From gun alley to sporting goods manufacturers across the country, our customers trust in our capabilities, experience, and technology to meet their most demanding product requirements.

With broad experience in firearms manufacturing, we offer design and manufacturing solutions for custom synthetic and plastic handguns and pistols, rifle stocks, coin and thumbhole stocks, and a wide range of firearm accessories.

HTI Plastics - Injection Molded Gun, Rifle, & Crossbow Stocks

FFL and ISO 9001:2008 Certification.

HTI Plastics’ quality management systems assure exceptional levels of quality, precision, and durability to consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements. Our dedication to continuous improvement backs our reputation as a leading-edge injection-molding manufacturer.

Firearm component expertise delivers product excellence.

For over 25 years, HTI has been manufacturing hand gun and rifle stocks, as well as related accessories including recoil pads, cheek pads, and jackets.

Our design engineers are expert at prototyping new concepts, improving manufacturability of existing designs, and designing for improved manufacturability. In addition, we accept transfer molds and can get your product in production economically.

Sporting goods expertise benefits many industry segments

HTI is well versed in many manufacturing functions critical to the sporting goods industry such as precise color matching, molded-in checkering and stippling, over molding, and reinforced composite materials. In addition to our extensive firearm expertise, HTI manufactures crossbows, archery components, and supplies a wide variety of recreational product components to manufacturers of fishing, hunting, soccer, volleyball, and many other types of indoor and outdoor sporting equipment.

HTI engineers for improved manufacturability

Industrial designers typically focus on function, appearance, and ergonomics. HTI Plastics’ design engineers add a vital criteria; designing for manufacturability.

By considering factors such as mold flow geometry, labeling, packaging processes, and automation requirements, HTI engineers can design out inefficiencies or potential problems resulting in significant down-line savings for OEMs. Our design and engineering staff are ready to make your product concepts a reality or reengineer existing product for improved quality and cost.

Scientific molding maximizes precision repeatability

Maintaining exacting tolerances is a critical component of quality control—from cavity to cavity, first shot to final run. Scientific molding, a state-of-the-art in-mold monitoring process mastered by HTI, determines optimal fill speed, pack time, and pressure—eliminating guesswork and dramatically improving precision repeatability and efficient runtime.

In-house molding and tool shop boosts quality and speeds delivery

HTI molds are made right the first time and constructed for long-run use. Many of the molds we produce are covered by our lifetime free-maintenance program, so your initial investment will deliver dependable quality for years to come. We also accept transfer molds and can get your product into production quickly and economically.

HTI resin experts match material selection to application

HTI’s proven expertise in resin selection assures you receive the best material recommendation for each product based on considerations such as impact resistance, temperature resilience, and certification requirements.

Secondary applications boost value stream

From prototyping and tooling, to finishing, assembly, and packaging, HTI does it all. We boast a sophisticated in-house tool shop and mold development facility.

Our secondary applications include overmolding, in-mold labeling, blister packing, customized pad printing, counting, shrink wrapping, sonic welding, and much more.

In addition to injection molding, we offer blow molding and extruded plastics products through our sister companies, Apex Plastics (blow molding) and Geist Plastics (pipe and profile extruded molding).

Lower input costs maximize value

HTI Plastics, located in Lincoln, Nebraska, enjoys the advantages of Midwestern work ethic and low electricity costs. These, combined with our highly efficient manufacturing processes and value-added services, allow us to offer our customers competitive pricing on high-quality sporting goods products.

Continual investment in new equipment and upgrades

With a major facility expansion in 2010 and a 25-year dedication to continuous improvement, HTI is home to one of the most sophisticated injection-molded plastics operations in the country. Find out more about our -capabilities.