6 Steps to a Successful New Product

6 Steps to a Successful New Product

Want to know what it's like to have a plastic product made by HTI Plastics? 

Plastic injection molding is a complicated process, so we provide our customers with detailed information from start to finish. Take a peek into our development and customer service process:

Getting the Project Started

Once you've come to us with an idea (or we've helped you come up with one), the first thing we'll do is provide you with a quote. When we receive a purchase order, we begin the project. At a kickoff meeting, all relevant information is handed over to our Engineering, Tooling, Quality, and Production departments, as well as the Project Manager. The team reviews the project guidelines and aligns so everyone knows exactly what you're expecting. A new HTI Plastics project has been born.

While we work on your project, we won't keep to ourselves. We follow these 6 steps on every project, informing you along the way.

Step 1
The Project Manager will contact you to get acquainted and establish lines of communication for the rest of the project.

Step 2
The Project Manager establishes a project timeline and reviews it with the Engineering, Tooling, Quality, and Production departments.

Step 3
The project timeline is approved by all departments to ensure smooth workflow and on-time delivery.

Step 4
The project timeline is provided to you, the customer. Our milestones are generally the same for every project, so expect to see the following steps on your timeline (if you're new, don't worry - we'll explain them to you) :

  • Project kickoff
  • Mold/part design
  • Final mold/part design approval
  • Tooling completion
  • Mold testing completed/parts approved
  • Product sent to customer for approval
  • Project completion

Project status reports will be provided to you throughout the process. These reports are generated weekly and sent to all customer contacts as well as the Sales department and the President at HTI.

Step 5
Once tooling is completed, we'll check everything once and again to make sure it's right before manufacturing your order. This won't add any time - we build this process into the timeline delivered in Step 4. There are a few steps within this step, so we'll break it down a little further.

The mold is tested for accuracy in product and functionality. If the parts are approved, the mold works as desired, and we'll hand samples over to the Engineering department for review. If they're approved, we move on to the next step. If there's a problem, we will make modifications necessary to the mold to achieve your intended results.

Once the product evaluation is completed and the product is approved internally, we send samples to you.

If the product meets your expectations, final documentation is completed and the project is ready to be released to production. If you require mold validation, we run another set of steps:

  • We run the mold for an allotted time with parts pulled at designated increments.
  • The parts are measured with calipers or optical instruments
  • An SPC report is generated and reviewed internally. If it's as we expected, we pass it on to you. If it's not, we develop a new timeline and send the product back to the beginning of Step 5.

If you don't approve of the sample product, we work with you to establish the changes needed and build a new timeline to begin again with Step 5.

Step 6
All approved, the product is released to production. Once your first order is filled, the Project Manager will follow up to ensure the product delivered meets your quality and function expectations. If you're happy, we're happy, and the project is officially closed.

Throughout the process, from the initial meeting to final production, our Project Manager will be available at all times. We want to make sure you're clear on the steps we're taking, how we're doing, and where your product is on the production timeline.