About HTI Plastics

About HTI Plastics

Founded in 1985, our humble entrance into the plastics manufacturing business was as a small molder, in-house engineering, and tool room, and we trace our product debut to the design and manufacturing of one of the first vaginal applicators. Today, our plastic pharmaceutical applicators are used in a wide range of treatments in both prescription and over-the-counter markets, and we’ve expanded into the design and production of custom and proprietary thermoplastic injection-molded products for a variety of pharmaceuticals, animal health, food packaging, sporting goods, and other custom products.

HTI Plastics has experienced remarkable growth since 1985, and after being acquired by PCE, Inc. our capabilities expanded significantly in plastics manufacturing. We know there are more innovations to be discovered, and we want to work with our customers to find new solutions for their needs. We are continually striving to make improvements to our proprietary products and are always working with our customers to bring new products to market.

As your needs evolve, HTI Plastics is using the latest technology to set the pace for the plastics injection molding and blow molding industries. Our high-speed precision machines are housed in our 95,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art molding facility. We practice continuous process improvement, and HTI Plastics keeps costs low and safety ratings high with our clean assembly environment, FDA and GMP compliance, computerized material distribution system, and on-site resin storage for easy access.

HTI Plastics understands that our employees are the key to our success, which is why we invest in their personal and professional well-being. We feel that providing our employees with training, cutting-edge technology and equipment, continued education, and modern facilities will equate to world-class service to our customers.

You’ll see the difference when you work with HTI Plastics. We still believe that our phones should be answered by a real person, and our dedicated and experienced staff ensures you get personal assistance, fast order turnaround and expedited customer care.

About PCE Inc.

PCE Inc was founded in 1993.  PCE was built on three principles:

  • Build our company: Develop and/or acquire new companies, products and/or services that build on or complement existing products and the industries we serve.
  • Seek cutting-edge technology: Develop, acquire or utilize the latest technologies to insure our ability to compete in and lead in the industries we serve.
  • Support our employees: Develop and cross train our employees at all levels to ensure each individual is able to maximize their capabilities. We believe that should invest in equipment, tooling, computers, automation, education and facilities that enable each individual to maximize their efforts.

The PCE Plastics Group has the capabilities in 3 types of plastics manufacturing which are blow-molding, injection molding and pipe & profile extrusion. PCE is doing business across the globe for every size of company from just a few employees up to hundreds of thousands.  We pride ourselves on the dedication we have to our customers.  We know that no two customers are alike.  Every call is answered by a live person; customization and customer specification is regular operating procedure and achieving the quality results that our customers expect.