HTI Plastics had a year full of growth and productivity. Last year was  We would like to look back on all the amazing accomplishments that happened in 2019. 

There have been a lot of changes this month, and the new building is closer to being finished.

July Construction Update - HTI Plastics and PCE Inc. building expansion progress

Learn about the water systems used in our injection molding process. HTI Plastics strives to use the latest technology in every step of the way, with the end goal to offer our clients the very best quality products.

Check out our June construction update 

Look at the pictures from May:

Volunteering at the Lincoln Marathon Registration booths

Here is our April Construction update

This month the HTI / PCE expansion had its topping off ceremony, and soon after that we had a break from bad weather, and the new building started to take shape with part of the frames and roof getting installed. Despite the challenging weather Nebraska has had this year, the project is still on track.

HTI Plastics has many certifications and affiliations that proves to customers our commitment and dedication to manufacturing high-quality products. One of HTI’s certifications includes the NSF International, formerly known as National Sanitation Foundation.

The building's expansion had its "Topping Out" ceremony last week. The last beam was signed by HTI Plastics' President, PCE Inc. CEO and CFO. 

HTI Plastics and PCE Inc. employees took some time to volunteer at People’s City Mission. Here they served food for all the guests that arrived for lunch.  Our company works towards getting involved in our wonderful community of Lincoln, and it’s a great honor to be able to help an organization like People’s City Mission.