Committed to Success: The Team Approach to Meeting Your Goals

Committed to Success: The Team Approach to Meeting Your Goals

HTI Plastics Builds Client Partnerships through Continuous Contact

Strong partnerships in any industry lead to clearer vision, better products, more efficient processes and more satisfying successes. At HTI Plastics, we believe partnerships are one of the most important services we provide. For every customer, we begin building a strong professional partnership from the initial phone call or visit, and we never stop looking for ways to strengthen our ability to work together effectively.

Throughout the life of a project, we work with a customer’s representatives to develop a complete understanding of the project’s scope and design requirements. Of equal importance, however, is the ability of HTI and its client to understand one another on a deeper level, including all the factors affecting needs and abilities, as well as measurements defining success. Put it all together, and the result is an exceptional team with exceptional results. This philosophy and unique ability has brought many years of mutual success to HTI and its customers.

Your Concerns are Our Concerns

Creating a team of exceptional high quality means first establishing exactly what will be required of all team members throughout a project, so the customer’s short-term and long-term objectives can be realized. We learn to think like our customer and understand their concerns and needs as well as they do. This builds confidence and trust that the project is in good hands. For example, we consult early on price point options, so our customer never has to spend more than necessary—no matter the size of the project. Where applicable, we review how best to comply with regulations and statutes, while staying within budget.

Because we have deep experience with what could go wrong and how to make things go right, we urge customers to discuss post-process needs upfront. This includes issues such as filling containers, special packaging, and shipping. Whenever possible, HTI helps customers explore options they might not have considered, and assists in finding additional resources to achieve them. Over the course of a project, HTI continues looking for ways to improve the product through initiatives such as design enhancement, materials selection, packing options, and additional automation to reduce costs.

Managing the Process: Continuous Communication

Once a project has been initiated, the client is introduced to the HTI project manager. Many different departments are involved over the lifespan of a project. However, the project manager acts as the point person. It is the project manager who sits down with the client to discuss details and provide a timeline with clear milestones, so the client can monitor the project’s progress. In many cases, a single project can span several months. The project manager maintains continuous contact with the customer throughout, continuously watching for challenges and opportunities, and providing confidence that the project is HTI’s number one concern.

Successful companies understand no company is an island. The success of one business depends on the success of its clients and, in turn, its suppliers. That’s why a manufacturer like HTI Plastics must do whatever is necessary to become not merely a supplier, but a true production partner.

An experienced supplier understands there are challenges to overcome during any project; an outstanding supplier helps the client minimize or eliminate those challenges before they occur. With more than 25 years of experience cultivating strong and long-lived business partnerships, HTI’s team approach has proven to be a competitive benefit to hundreds of customers.