Communication is Critical When Beginning New Projects

Communication is Critical When Beginning New Projects

If you were to observe the beginning of any new project as it emerges in HTI’s production schedule, you would notice emails, phone calls, and face-to-face meetings with clients—all critical steps to assure manufacturing success. HTI personnel use Gantt charts and software, such as Microsoft Project, to enable ongoing collaboration between those involved in a project. This well-practiced communications strategy allows us to ensure swift results for our clients.&nbsp

We consider communication a key component of launching new projects, because it makes everyone aware of which tasks need to be completed and when. It puts us all on the same page, so the focus is on moving forward, not clearing up misunderstandings. Without proper communication, a project is destined to get off track and inevitably grind to a halt.

At HTI, a high standard of communication for every step of a new project is critically important, because many of our clients are from the pharmaceutical and sporting goods industries. These clients must hold us to extremely high standards, not only because their products are so exacting, but also because their products need to be compliant with government agencies, such as the FDA.

Communication standards at HTI are modeled and applied from the top down. According to Manufacturing Engineer Ryan Willett, “Our President, Troy Just, is always striving to make sure there is good communication from him to all levels of management. As a result, you see the same high standards for communication trickle down to all areas of HTI.”

Communication at HTI flows quickly and accurately during the introduction of a new project. The most critical step is to assure that all departments are involved in a new project and informed when changes occur. This one step, more than any other, assures a project moves forward without any delays.

If on that rare occasion that there is a gap in the communication system, this is quickly resolved by communicating to the entire group that there has been an issue causing a delay. The team leader will call a brainstorming session to discuss alternatives for getting the project back on track. The team rallies together to make sure the plan devised in this session comes to fruition.  

Recently, an HTI customer needed a product turned out in three weeks.  HTI’s standard lead time is four to six weeks, so we knew we needed to make use of every opportunity to avoid delays.  Because we have open lines of communication, during a brainstorming session we were able to come up with a viable solution to condense the schedule. We produced the client’s product by their requested deadline. This is just one example of how good communication leads to excellent results for HTI customers. 

As HTI Plastics continues to be a leader in innovation in plastic injection molding, we believe strongly in open communication process for all projects, internal and external, will lead to a successful implementation.