Creating Powerful Synergy with Customer Partnerships

Creating Powerful Synergy with Customer Partnerships

The growth and success of HTI Plastics and its customers over the years is largely due to HTI’s focus on the cultivation of business partnerships with customers. There’s a reason these partnerships are so strong and lasting: Instead of settling for a role as just another vendor, HTI takes responsibility for doing everything in its power to produce a better product—as if the product we produce was our own. We think of customer partnerships as deliberate strategic alliances critical to the success of everyone involved, and consider them key to our own ability to grow in this competitive industry.

To make the most of powerful customer partnerships, we abide by the following principles proven to support our success and our customers’ success.

  1. Complementary Business Expertise
    Every company nurtures specific strengths and resources. By nature, this means choosing which areas to develop. In a collaborative partnership such as those we build with our customers, we have an opportunity to share our resources and expert skills in ways that are complementary for both partners. This leads to cost-saving product modifications, efficiencies and innovations neither of us would otherwise realize.

    For example, one of the most valuable services HTI brings to the table is the Engineering Design & Review Process. Because HTI’s clients are in constant competition to develop the most innovative and cost-effective consumer products, it is extremely beneficial to have HTI’s highly-skilled engineering staff on hand to go over product design early in the cycle.

    With a virtually infinite variety of polymer blends, mechanical performance properties, and many other factors to consider in the production of a plastics product, HTI’s expertise reassures customers they will reach their goals.

    The access customers have to HTI’s resources and skills further enhances the creation of their products. HTI serves a wide array of clients in numerous markets, including the pharmaceutical, animal health, industrial, sporting goods, and packaging industries. With so much diversity in the industries we serve, our supplier partnerships also contribute special knowledge important to their own fields. This includes specific skills, such as mold flow analysis, and more systemic processes that evolve over time, such as material training.

  2. Shared Vision for Superior Products
    A superior end product begins with a shared vision formulated in the beginning stages of a project. To accomplish this, HTI and its customer sit down to visualize and be completely clear about a project’s primary goals. What are the target markets for this product? How will it be used? What is the projected lifespan of the product, and to what elements will it be subjected? What needs to be overcome, and how can this be best accomplished within the client’s budget?

    HTI’s years of experience in the dynamic plastics industry means we can offer intuitive knowledge as a robust foundation for answering these questions in order to develop the most effective strategy. A customer’s experience with its own products and buyers provides insight into specifics, including a deep understanding of the end user’s needs, to complete the shared vision.

  3. Understanding One Another’s Goals
    The product manufacturer and a contract partner such as HTI share the same goal: to create a custom product that meets the end user’s needs and results in profit. The slightly different perspectives from which we each approach the project are complementary.

    It is beneficial to take time as a part of the visioning process, as well as ongoing through the project, to understand production of the product from one another’s perspectives. This allows us to identify the areas of greatest potential for both partners.

  4. Trusting Each Other and Opening All Resources
    Forging a winning alliance begins with mutual recognition of the give-and-take needed to get the job done well. A successful partnership is sustained through a continuous and open flow of communication, as well as the generous sharing of ideas and other strengths each partner possesses.

    This interweaving of strengths results in a track record of success based on a strong sense of trust. This mutual trust and commitment leads naturally to refined processes, shared best practices, and improved efficiencies.

The Power of Intentional Partnerships

A strategic alliance or partnership means both parties are focused on a mutual goal. The resulting synergy leads to products with faster time to market, as well as better quality, than if both companies had kept resources to themselves.

Many injection molding companies are solely in the business to run parts. HTI Plastics transcends this concept with the intent to instead join forces with customers. The result is a powerful alliance and superior product, every time.