Everything begins with Engineering

Everything begins with Engineering

At HTI we believe quality engineers lead to quality products

“Everything begins with engineering.” That’s HTI’s philosophy of product quality. Our focus on engineering has evolved through many years of experience analyzing exactly what leads to a quality product. We realized very early on that engineering is pivotal to quality, all product designs begin with engineers and good designs are necessary for manufacturing successful products. Without superior and highly trained engineers, there would not be quality products.

This HTI philosophy hasn’t changed much over the years. What has changed is the level and quality of education our engineers receive and advancements in the tools they have at their disposal. We believe both of these benefits have improved our ability to raise the level of quality in the products we manufacture.

HTI engineers achieve superior, quality engineered molds and reliable products for our clients in several ways. They carefully study the part design. They utilize mold flow analysis, which studies the flow of plastic and the way it fills the mold. They employ finite element analysis to assure the design of the product will create a reliable part and they establish molding processes based on scientific molding principals.

The tools used by HTI designers and engineers to achieve quality engineered molds include: SolidWorks 3D software, SolidWorks FEA (Finite Element Analysis), Mold Flow Analysis, and RJG Scientific Molding. They also consult with numerous outside advisors and other resources for design assistance.

We attribute our continued growth and stability in the plastics industry to these and other factors that influence the quality of our products and services. In fact, we believe no other plastics manufacturer offers the services we do at HTI. In addition to being well-trained and highly skilled, HTI engineers know how to build strong relationships with customers to support them in meeting their needs.  We know first-hand how important this is for producing quality products. They will treat your product as if it were theirs!

Other companies offer services similar to HTI’s; however, we believe our approach to molding is superior because we have state-of-the-art engineering, state-of-the-art mold equipment and the best people in the industry. In other words, you could say we have the complete package in molding. We never take shortcuts. If we can’t provide what our customers need, we seek other resources to make sure we get what is required to make each project successful. We believe our customers deserve that kind of commitment to help them rise to the top of their own industries.

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