HTI Engineering Force Delivers Excellence the World Demands

HTI Engineering Force Delivers Excellence the World Demands

HTI knows how to make a good product great, and that ability has a lot to do with the engineering department. The diverse elements that make up the department are united by a culture of excellence, vast overlapping knowledge of materials and process, and well-developed, acute intuition about the nuances that support excellence. At HTI, different types of engineers work closely together, each possessing a strong awareness of every phase of a project—not just the parts of a project for which the individual is personally responsible.

·        Mechanical engineers design a product with careful consideration for its manufacturability. They must ask: How complicated is the part? How long will the tooling take to build? What are the customer requirements? What material is required? Where can we reduce production costs through design changes?

·        Manufacturing engineers develop and streamline processes for optimal production and minimal downtime, with an eye for troubleshooting any areas HTI could improve by changing an aspect of the design, process, or fixtures.

·        Quality engineers ensure the finished product meets all design specifications and requirements of the customer.

·        Machinists are the de facto engineers rounding out this dedicated team at HTI, with a strong knowledge of mold building at every stage of the development process, as well as ways the materials affect the process and final product.

With a focus on cross-training, education, and continual updates on the latest processes, materials, and technologies, HTI ensures all members of its engineering force understand one another’s functions. For example, HTI recently enlisted an industry leading injection molding training company to train employees in mold optimization. Follow-up exercises involve the evaluation of HTI’s 25 presses and 1000+ molds by teams who will put their training into practice. All team members receive the same tools and training, but use them in different ways according to their job duties. This integrated work model ensures that every aspect of a project receives critical consideration.

In keeping with HTI’s long-standing tradition of continuous education and improvement, engineering manager John Oliver envisions a program that capitalizes on the established culture of shared knowledge and integrated teamwork, where every team member will shine uniquely by identifying and accomplishing individual goals with a focus on hardline engineering. These individual strengths will then be optimized as components of a comprehensive, smoothly-functioning machine.

The ultimate goal of building this powerful engineering force, says John, is to maximize HTI’s potential, growing the business through planned, sustained, and disciplined actions. By pushing every possible envelope, the engineering department will challenge itself, as well as every other part of the company, to internalize responsibility. From design and machining to finished product, HTI’s exceptional engineering team continues to drive the company onward and upward as a world leader in the injection molding industry.