HTI Plastics 2016 Year in Review

HTI Plastics 2016 Year in Review

As we quickly come to a close on the first month if 2017, we pause to take a look back on the year that was of 2016.  Last year was a good year for HTI Plastics, with many positives that not only benefitted us in 2016, but also laid the foundation for future success.  Last year we continued our practice of staying up-to-date with the latest technologies, enhanced our already unmatched customer service, found new ways to make our operation even more efficient, increased our capabilities and capacity, as well as adding new business to our portfolio.

New Equipment and Technology

HTI Plastics is committed to continual investments in our facility and the latest technologies.  In 2016 we continued to ensure we have the best equipment to serve our customers and provide products of the highest quality.  Last year we purchased four new Sodick injection-molding machines, new molds and automation to add capacity, X Rite; Ci62s Color Spectrophotometer, additional material dryers and additional material moisture analyzers. 

Last year HTI Plastics added four new Sodick Presses. The new presses will contribute to HTI Plastics’ growth in the sporting goods industry, as well as give HTI the ability to accommodate the increasing demand the company is experiencing in all industries HTI serves.  These new presses will support HTI’s desire to grow in the smaller component/shot market.  HTI now has 30 injection molding presses ranging in tonnage from 40 – 1,800 tons.

In addition to the new Sodick presses, we also added a XRite; Ci62s Spectrophotometer.  A Spectrophotometer is a measurement device used to capture and evaluate color, by measuring reflected light.  This Spectrophotometer will help to confirm the products we produce are of the highest quality by ensuring each product is of the proper color and consistent color.

We also made several purchases of new equipment and technology to support our continued growth as well as to increase capacity. We added a two new molds and automation for our pharmaceutical applicators, the VCA-Lite and the Comfort Tip, to increase capacity.  In addition, material dryers and a material moisture analyzer were added last year.  Given the materials we work with, if they are too dry they can become brittle, too wet and they could end up with splay.  The equipment and technologies we have at HTI allow us to produce our products with the proper processing window.

New Positions and Personnel

2016 saw the creation of new positions and a restructuring of current roles to better serve our customers and prepare for future growth.  HTI added a project manager, customer service and designer last year.  These positions were in addition to splitting our production manager role into two specialized positions of molding and assembly. 

Irina Avanesov came to HTI Plastics as our new Project Manager, Joe Johnson was added to the engineering department as our new Designer, and Jeremy Jurey moved from warehouse and shipping to be our new Customer Service Representative.  Lisa Sandage also changed roles, as she is now focusing full-time on customer service.  Two internal hires were made for the Production Manager positions.  Colleen Sorben was hired to take on the role of Production Manager – Molding, and Nate Whitmore focused his efforts on the assembly area as the Production Manager – Assembly.

"This restructuring of roles at HTI will help to ensure our success well into the future, as well as prepare us for future growth" said Troy Just, President of HTI Plastics. "We feel these new positions, along with the people we have in these roles, will allow us to continue to provide our customers with unmatched customer service and quality products."

New Business

HTI Plastics brought in a significant amount of new business in 2016, especially in the areas of sporting goods and custom injection molding projects.  Our growth in these areas is a testament to our continual improvements across all areas of our company.

Looking back on the year that was provides us at HTI with an optimistic view of 2017 and beyond.  We will continue to work to be the best vendor to our customers by striving to have an even better year this year.