HTI Plastics Installs New 420-Ton Injection Molding Press.

HTI Plastics Installs New 420-Ton Injection Molding Press.

Plastic manufacturing with the new 420 ton engel injection molding press
420 ton injection molding press

Lincoln, NE – HTI Plastics recently purchased a new 420-Ton Engel injection Molding press with an integrated Engel Viper 20 robot.  The versatile press, with capabilities to produce products across a number of applications, will add to HTI’s impressive stable of injection molding machines, and keep HTI on the cutting-edge of technology. The press will allow HTI to expand the company’s services in a variety of areas for the benefit of HTI customers.

The Engel E-motion 1640/420 T WP US was delivered to HTI’s facility in early May in two sections and was up and running by the end of the month.

“This press was added in response to a new project from one of our customers.  This is just the latest example of HTI’s commitment to technology and to stay ahead of our customers’ needs,” said HTI Plastics president Troy Just. “By adding this press, we will be able to continue pushing the limits of plastics manufacturing in partnership with this customer first, as well as other customers who need this capability.”

The new Engel press gives HTI Plastics a total of 32 injection molding presses in our state-of-the-art facility.  With 32 total machines and press tonnage ranging from 30 to 1,800 HTI has the capacity and capability to grow with our current customers, as well as new customers, well into the future.