HTI Plastics Installs New 60-Ton Injection Molding Press

HTI Plastics Installs New 60-Ton Injection Molding Press

HTI Plastics New 60-Ton Sodick Injection Molding Machine

Lincoln, NE – HTI Plastics recently purchased a new  60-Ton Sodick injection Molding press.  With sales of plastic products needing this press tonnage, the press was purchased to accommodate these orders and to increase capacity for future plastics manufacturing growth. 

This is the fifth Sodick press HTI has purchased in the past 5 years, with press size ranging from 30 to 100 tons.  HTI Plastics is committed to investing in new equipment to aide in the growth of our customers and ensure we have the most up-to-date and top of the line equipment and technology.

As we continue to grow with our existing customers, adding the new press will help to accommodate their needs, as well as the needs of our of future customers,” said Troy Just, President of HTI Plastics.  “We are not only accommodating our current growth but preparing for future growth in the years to come. Investing in equipment and our facility will provide us with additional capacity and enhanced capabilities to handle that growth and provide for our customers well into the future.”

With the addition of the Sodick press, and another larger press coming online in the near future HTI Plastics now has 33 injection molding presses ranging in tonnage from 30 to 1,800 tons.