HTI Plastics Purchases Melt-Flow Indexer

HTI Plastics Purchases Melt-Flow Indexer

HTI Plastics Quality Department - Melt Flow Indexer

HTI Plastics is dedicated to continuous improvements and to stay on the cutting edge of the latest technologies and equipment.  As part of this dedication HTI has recently purchased a new Melt Flow Indexer.  The melt flow indexer will be used for incoming inspection, process development and troubleshooting. 

“The new melt flow indexer is as state-of-the-art and top of the line as we can get,” said Rob White, Quality Manager at HTI Plastics.  “We are continually becoming more sophisticated in our approach, and utilizing the latest technologies that will benefit our production processes.

The melt flow indexer will provide assurance the material received is suitable for HTI’s processing requirements, assist in understanding whether or not the material has been degraded due to processing conditions, and give HTI the ability to predict how a material will impact the processing windows.  These tests will give further assurance to the customers of HTI, the parts they receive have been produced with the correct raw materials, and the materials meet all quality requirements.

The melt flow indexer will also aid HTI in producing a consistent product.  By gaining the knowledge of MFI values of raw materials, HTI can reject a material with a high or low MFI before it gets in to HTI’s production stream.  Knowing the melt flow of each lot allows HTI to understand the variations that might be seen in injection molding machine pressures, fill time and part weight.