HTI Plastics Workforce Enlists Cutting-Edge Training

HTI Plastics Workforce Enlists Cutting-Edge Training

Highly trained employees with diverse skill sets are a major provision of HTI Plastics’ approach to meeting customer requirements in the injection molding industry. Our key focus has always been to invest in training existing staff and build on their already-powerful knowledge base. We have recently invested both time and money in a couple of exciting training initiatives, and I’d like to tell you more about them.

Systematic Molding

HTI Plastics recently introduced a workforce step program to train our operators in each aspect of the molding process. The Systematic Molding program provides industry-established hands-on and exercise training to sharpen our workers’ equipment processing and plastics production skills. The training is comprehensive, covering skills along a complete continuum of learning, from the fundamentals of part quality all the way to the most advanced level of Master Molder.

Lean Manufacturing Principles

For the next phase of our ongoing effort to improve employee development and education, HTI’s objective is for key employees to fully implement, facilitate and maintain Lean 5-S Manufacturing principles within the coming year. Very briefly, the applied practices of the 5-S model embody the following:


Organize the work area and retain only equipment and tools needed for the work performed in that area. A tidy work area free of clutter reduces the time it takes to perform each task.

Set in Order

Arrange tools and material staging in a logical manner so the designated place of every item is readily apparent, and return tools to their proper storage place immediately after use. Each item required for a job will then be easily and quickly located, with no time wasted in searching.


Keep the work area clean and orderly. Clean after every job and dispose of any unneeded items. Committing to this regular cleaning routine means nothing has time to get lost, and no problem goes unnoticed and gets out of hand.


Identify and post work instructions. Each person who works in the same area must perform tasks following the same procedure, with no exceptions. This practice virtually eliminates waste and nonconformity of parts.


Regularly audit every work area to ensure the first four S’s are being maintained. Disciplined management results in improved efficiency, quality, and employee morale, while reducing downtime and waste.

We know this standardized work model will continue to streamline and improve existing processes in the production facility. With HTI Plastics’ FDA approval, ISO 9001and ISO 13485 certification  already in place, our policies and procedures already align with Lean Manufacturing principles to a large degree. Because of the many parallels between our existing structure and Lean Manufacturing principles, we fully expect to experience a natural transition as we adopt this program.

HTI’s Investment Benefits Customers

As the workforce at HTI Plastics grows even more effective and efficient, the company benefits through reduced lead times and cost. The end result of our investments in cutting-edge training for mold process and best workplace practices: Customers receive faster service, competitive prices and, above all, a world-class product, every time.

Troy Just, President