Animal Health

Useful cost-effective animal care device and packaging soluations help you keep pace with the rapidly changing animal health market.

We work closely with brand owners and contract manufacturers to provide concept-to-completion solutions for a wide variety of animal care plastic products including applicators, ayringes, and nasal tips, medical and dental instruments, and specialized food and nutrient containers.

FDA, GMP, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 Certifications

HTI Plastics' quality management system provides high levels of quality assurance within a sustainable manufacturing process to consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements.  We offer competitive pricing on high and low-volume production runs, many sustainable packaging solutions, and the most responsive, knowledgeable customer service available.

Animal Device and Packaging Experts

Whether you are looking for effective dispensers or applicators, reliable medical devices, or an economical yet high-impact package, HTI is your complete resource.  We offer expert design and engineering for new concepts, and we also accept transfer molds at low cost and little hassle.  With injection-molding, blow-molding and plastic extrusion capabilities, plus a broad array of secondary applications, we are an exceptional one-stop resource for a wide range of animal care device and packaging products.

Dispensing Devices

Out time-tested products provide safe and effective delivery methods for vaccinating and medicating livestock or domestic animals.  The bolus dispensing guns and nasal inoculation tips are specifically designed with animal health and veterinary concerns in mind.  Our inoculation devices allow full absorption without invasive injury.  HTI is one of the leading applicator device manufacturers in the nation, both for human and animal use.

animal health dispensing device

Dental and Medical Devices

HTI is your complete resource for high-quality plastic medical and dental devices designed for the health and well-being of comparision animals, exotics, and livestock.  We are able to replicate the best features of many reusable instruments into disposable products creating a more convenient and economical approach to many animal health procedures.  HTI's clean area assembly which also serves many of our pharmaceutical product customers, counts and wraps products in shrink wrapped plastic for the convenience of veterinarians and the safety of the animals they treat.

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