Innovations in Plastic Manufacturing Design

Innovations in Plastic Manufacturing Design

At HTI, we’re proud of our ability to provide some of what we humbly believe is the industry’s best custom injection molding manufacturing. One aspect of our manufacturing services that is especially near and dear to our hearts is innovations in design. Each product we create is based on the specific and unique needs of our customer. How do we determine what those needs are? We work right alongside our customer counterparts to think creatively and produce a design that meets the customer’s requirements. No matter how simple or complex!

Many customers who seek our product design services are looking for alternatives, whether it’s for the purpose of reducing production costs, looking for better manufacturability or just for the sake of simplicity.

“The best ideas can sometimes be unrealistic for production, so we bridge that gap and create a design that meets both the budget and can be molded,” said Tyler Williams, Engineer at HTI.

Maintaining a good relationship with our material suppliers, machine manufacturers, and other knowledgeable people in the plastics industry provides us with additional resources that can be invaluable when it comes to searching for design solutions. We use every resource available to us, including two recent additions to our toolbox: mold flow and finite element analysis software. In the 25 plus years HTI has been in business we’ve assembled extensive resources and accumulated many years of experience that enables us to offer innovative solutions other companies can only dream about.

The designs HTI creates cannot be characterized as one type of design or another. Each and every design we create is different from every other design. What sets us apart from other custom injection molding manufacturers is our ability to succeed where other manufacturers have failed or refused to try. The innovative product designs we create not only makes a better product for our customers, but keep us competitive in the global market.