People make the Difference at HTI

People make the Difference at HTI

Hiring Quality People: How to Find a Perfect Fit

HTI takes necessary steps to hire new talent to mesh with customer needs.

When HTI sets out to find new employees for its plastics operations, as any company does, we look for certain qualities and qualifications. We want to make sure new members of our team fit into our already-successful business units. We spend extra time and carefully consider candidates to match them with specific plastics manufacturing requirements. Most of all, we keep our customers in mind—the right new people for us are those who fit seamlessly into our work with customers.

The Importance of Talent as an Asset

HTI knows both new and existing employees are a great asset to the company. When customers work with our associates, we want them to feel our employees work so well with them they could be members of their own staffs. “The right person fits smoothly into our own operation, so well the customer shouldn’t even know the person is a new hire,” said Troy Just, President of HTI. “There should be no visible learning curve when it comes to employees working with our customers.”

According to Just, an effort to assure employees fit within HTI’s operation doesn’t stop with hiring the right people. The work environment needs to be comfortable and supportive, so employees can focus on customers’ products.

HTI doesn’t follow one model of hiring, because each position is unique. We look for general traits: people with a good attitude, people who are goal-driven, and people who enjoy challenges, for example. We appreciate a candidate who is creative and energetic. Above all, it is imperative that a new hire blends in well with our culture. 

Reviewing the Reviewers

For the most part, HTI hiring practices are the same as any other manufacturers. It sounds simple: hire the right person for the right position. However, we have learned how important it is to hire the right person the first time. For that reason, HTI’s hiring process is always under review and evolving. We don’t mind, because it allows us to find the highest caliber of employees to support the highest quality products and services.

Two New Hires Bring Talent and Passion

HTI recently hired two new employees; Mechanical Engineer, Brandon Boyer and Quality Engineer, Vincent Cao.

Vincent is a 2012 graduate of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, graduating with a degree in Industrial and Management Systems Engineering.  He previously worked at Tenneco and Molex as an intern in process improvement and Hospira as a co-op working primarily on validations.  “Vincent has demonstrated a strong ability to think through complex processes and organize solutions effectively.  He will be leading HTI’s validation efforts with respect to both products and software,” said Rob White, Quality Manager of HTI. “Additionally, he will be key in defining critical to quality features for our products and developing inspection and test plans to ensure we are monitoring the key features of our products.  Vincent adds a lot to HTI and I am glad he is a part of the team.”

Mechanical Engineer, Brandon Boyer was also recently added to the HTI team.  Brandon is a 2011 graduate of Pittsburg State University, graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering Technology degree with an emphasis in Manufacturing.  He previously worked as a Manufacturing Engineer for Toyoda Gosei.  “Brandon brings an ability to bridge the gap between engineering and production.  Having another engineer in the department expands our capacity, and will allow us to provide quicker turnaround on projects as well as work on new products for HTI,” said Chris Reed, Engineering Manager of HTI. “He is already familiar with a systematic approach to establishing a molding process and controlling the process so that changes aren’t made that impact part quality. I’m very excited about Brandon and what he brings to HTI.”

HTI looks forward to providing the highest quality products and best service to all current and potential customers.  The additions of Vincent and Brandon will only help HTI continue to be a world leader in injection-molded plastics.