HTI Plastics Quality Injection Molded Plastic Products

Quality is built into our processes at HTI Plastics.

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Our quality assurance is integrated into all processes that guarantee the final product you receive is built to your specifications. Products are made here at HTI Plastics by continuously monitoring the manufacturing and assembly process from beginning to end, using documented First Article Inspection, In Process and Final Inspection Procedures. Our modern injection molding machines are configured to your project's specifications and monitored to maximize quality and efficiency. The result is a process that is reliable and repeatable. We institute these rigorous standards for the pharmaceutical industry and all industries that we serve.

At HTI Plastics, we’ve instituted many processes and reports to ensure you get the quality you’ve come to expect. With Process Control, you can be assured that changes won’t be made without thorough review of the entire procedure/process.

  • Documented Inspection Plans and Work Instructions
  • Internal Auditing
  • Non-Conforming Material Control
  • Document Control System
  • Gauge Calibration Program
  • Control Plans, PFMEA and Risk Analysis
  • CMM Optical Measurement Systems
  • Melt Flow Indexer

First Article Inspection Reports

A First Article Inspection (FAI) establishes accountability that your products have been manufactured to your specifications. Every critical design characteristic called out on the part drawing is verified and recorded. We perform FAIs for all new part orders, and we can also provide FAI data after any process change when required. Providing this valuable service earns a higher level of trust from our customers and strengthens our relationships with them.

Nonconforming Material Control System

Every Quality Assurance Program must have a system that directs your nonconforming material control.  This system prevents defective material from being processed, consumed, or shipped.  When documenting this system consider these processes:

  • Receiving Inspection
  • Process Defects
  • Product Defects
  • Finished Goods Containment
  • Returned Material
  • In process product specific containment

Our Quality department provides customized inspection services to meet your specific requirements.

CMM: Coordinate Measurement Machines

We use coordinate measurement machines (CMM) to verify tolerance measurement.  With CMM, analyzing high precision parts is easy and quick, and provides consistent accuracy.  The machine uses and X-Y-Z grid to determine its position on a work area.  The probe is used to touch different spots on the part being measured.  The machine then uses the X, Y, Z coordinates of each of these points to determine size and position.  The software makes the setup of qualifying probes and aligning parts easy.  Once the program for your parts is created, setting up and running an accurate quality analysis is a matter of a few keystrokes on the computer.