Conscientious Communication: Outsourcing Redefined

Conscientious Communication: Outsourcing Redefined

HTI Plastics Partners with Customers for Mutual Growth and Success

The dynamics between a supplier like HTI and any of its customers is almost as worthy of attention as the details of a project. That’s because the ability to understand each other well can mean the difference between a good project and a great one. HTI is dedicated to creating deep professional relationships with its customers, and we have a proven process for doing this. We consider it one of the most important reasons we have successfully served our clients over the past few decades.

From the very beginning of any professional relationship, HTI Plastics employs a true team approach, gathering insight into a customer’s short-term and ultimate goals, and determining what is required from both parties to reach those goals. We work with customers one-on-one to draw a clear roadmap of the capabilities and certifications required, for example, as well as the best ways to fulfill these requirements. Sometimes, HTI looks for a B2B solution or identifies new services we can add to our own repertoire based on project and industry needs.

First, our sales team works to clarify general points, such as what stage the product or project is at, whether or not assistance in development is needed, or if there are existing engineered drawings or product samples. Once these parameters are established, and a mutual agreement is approved by both parties, we are ready to begin laying out project details, including a timeline for the first article or market launch, quality requirements, risk assessments, or special terms.

Now we’re ready for the design phase. The team works to clarify the overall picture first. For example: In coming up with the concept for a standard stock fitment, suppose a customer’s idea needs further development in the areas of standard size and shape, or in glue-on or sonic weld style. Our collaborative approach eases the customer’s burden in finalizing these crucial decisions. We also team up with the customer to settle on details such as a standard or spring-loaded hinge, orifice and evaporation barrier, customization of logo inserts for brand recognition, packaging requirements, and other important specifications.

After working out the details of a design, HTI arrives at a ballpark estimate. Factors such as final design, colorant, orifice and insert options, and weight/size, help to bring these prices into clearer focus.

Our next consideration is developing a scientific method for the project, integrating the customer’s ingenuity with the expertise of our onsite design engineers. We address tooling, production, quality and project management. To assure the success of this stage, as well as other stages, we intentionally focus on conscientious ongoing communication and shared expertise at all times.

For instance, since HTI offers both injection molding and blow molding processes, we spend enough time with our customer to assure they understand what method will be more economical and functional for the specific project, and why. This open communication allows us to come up with professional solutions that enhance a customer’s product quality while improving efficiency.

Communication is the most important aspect of every stage that follows our initial meeting or phone conversation. Once a partnership and good lines of communication are established, it’s easy to provide continued support and mutual planning, because we’ve formed a team based on trust and integrity through positive communication. Methods of communication sometimes include presentations or workshops where we share what we know and also engage with the customer to build a clear mutual understanding of processes, product, competition, and capabilities.

HTI has more than 25 years of experience in consulting and manufacturing within the medical device, animal health and packaging industries. We also have completed generous numbers of custom projects within the sporting goods, fuel tanks, electronics industry and others. Our commitment to communication is one of the ways we assure both our customers’ success and our own. It’s the best way we have of creating long-term, trusted partnerships that lead to exceptional results.