HTI Plastics Installs New Haas VF-3SSYT Vertical Mills

HTI Plastics Installs New Haas VF-3SSYT Vertical Mills

Lincoln, NE – HTI Plastics recently purchased a new Haas VF-3SSYT, increasing its lineup of CNC equipment. This machine will give our tool room the ability to perform even greater detailed work to tighter tolerances, and it’s substantially faster than our previous equipment. This new machine comes to replace another Haas machine that was purchased in 1994.

“The new Haas machine allows us to speed up setup time with the integrated probing system and run high speed machining, giving us better surface finish and faster turnaround on finished parts” said Brandon Olds, HTI Plastics’ Tool Room Supervisor. “The YT also allows us to have more travel in the Y axis to be able to machine larger plates without multiple setups.”

HTI Plastic’s in-house Tool Room allows our company to produce high quality tool work, and faster response time on new production. Our tools are guaranteed to have a prolonged life, that can withstand the rigorous demands of high-pressure injection molding.



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