June Construction Update

June Construction Update

Summer is finally here, and the temperatures are raising! Our building looks better and better every day! Check out all the new pictures from this month’s constrution update

The new structure will add conference rooms, engineering space, a training facility, and additional office space for PCE Inc. corporate employees. The addition will allow PCE to enhance its training program of current and future employees for all three divisions in every level of the company. The new space will reflect PCE’s commitment to customer service, innovation, productivity, and teamwork.


Since 1985, HTI Plastics has provided high-quality injection-molded plastic parts to customers in the U.S. and overseas, with a strong focus on both responsive expertise and exceptional value. HTI’s knowledgeable team is dedicated to working in partnership with customers to provide innovative solutions and timely deliveries in an atmosphere of continuous improvement. For more information, visit htiplastic.com.

PCE Inc., a privately held corporation founded in 1993, has three divisions with manufacturing capabilities in blow-molding, injection molding and profile extrusion. HTI Plastics and Lincoln Plastics are located in Lincoln, NE, while Apex Plastics is located in Brookfield, MO.  PCE, Inc. serves customers across the global and offers solutions for every size of company.