Pharmaceutical Applicators

Pharmaceutical Applicators

HTI Plastics has been in the medical device manufacturing business for more than 30 years and is ISO 13485:2016 registered for medical device manufacturing. HTI is very proud of our track record. Our focus is always on quality design, quality manufacturing and on-time delivery. We understand the high standards and rapid response necessary in the pharmaceutical industry.

HTI Plastics Pharmaceutical applicators are used in a wide range of treatments in both the Rx and OTC markets, Including:

  • Anti-fungal (yeast)
  • Anti-bacterial HIV
  • Contraception
  • Microbicides
  • Spermicide
  • Lubricants
  • Estrogen therapy

Our applicators are favored by many customers for use in clinical trials where proper dose administration and efficacy are critical. Our newest applicator, the Comfort Tip, features a silky smooth tip designed with the user in mind.

HTI Plastics vaginal applicators are available in a patient fill or our patented Pre-filled design. We offer:

  • Printed gram dose measurements
  • Natural, White or Custom colors
  • Various dose sizes for creams, gels and tablets

Versatility is the distinguishing characteristic of HTI packaging. Your product can be shipped to meet market demand including:

  • Bulk
  • Single packs
  • Three packs
  • Seven packs
  • Heat shrink packs
  • Flow Wrap

HTI Plastic produces a tablet applicator. These applicators can be packed and shipped to our customers in finn pack and bulk.  

Dosage can be set to specific gravity needed. We offer snap and twist caps, with the ability to produce them in custom colors.

These applicators are produced in standard, three rib, and large bell. Our standard and three rib can be packaged in one pack, three pack, fin pack, and bulk. The Large bell applicators can be fin packed or shipped in bulk.

These applicators are produced in 5cc and 3 cc. We offer a variety of packing and shipping options, this can be in bulk, seven pack, and canisters.

Our comfort Tip applicator comes in 5.5 cc, 5.1 cc and 4 g dosage. We also have the capabilities to produce them in custom dosage to fulfill the customer’s needs. Our Comfort Tip can be shipped in bulk, single pack shrunk, and seven pack shrunk