At HTI, we work hard to integrate both the latest advanced technologies and the innovations of our experienced and educated employees into our products and processes. Through great ideas and better implementations, we're able to deliver high-quality products to our customers every time.

Where Do We Start?

Prototyping is a cost effective start to building a great new product.  We build prototype products for customers in every stage of the development process. Customers can come to HTI directly requesting a product prototype for something they've already designed, or other times they come to us with just a concept for a new product. Many of our customers already know exactly how they want their prototype built and what materials they want to use. We frequently provide our expertise and guidance in making these decisions.

At HTI, all of our raw materials come to us in a pelletized form, so - naturally - we love the stuff. But it's a bit of an odd relationship ... we can't touch it! The integrity of a final plastic product depends in large part on the raw material being physically handled as little as possible. Because of this relationship, we use a custom designed, automated system to hold and distribute the raw plastics to our machines.  We partnered with Motan, who following our requirements built a system that handles our current capacity but is equipped to handle our future growth.

Injection molding is a complicated process, but that doesn't mean we don't use basic elements. One of the essential requirements for plastic injection molding is proper cooling, and for that we primarily use water. Chilled water is most often the cooling agent of choice because it's low-cost, has excellent thermal transfer properties, and is readily available. 

Read on for some interesting facts about water cooling here at HTI:

At HTI, we work with our customers to help them determine the type of mold that will suit their product best. Whether it's a new design or an existing design that we're helping make "moldable," we'll ask a series of questions to determine the best type of mold for the product.